Sunday, August 29, 2010

Africa at Last!

This Sabbath, a group of students and staff from Maxwell Adventist Academy went out to distribute water to the Maasai people. We drove a big truck carrying a large water tank out into the boonies. When we arrived in a small village we began filling whatever containers the people brought us. We filled anything from 1 gallon jugs to 55 gallon drums. It was quite the experience. 
But the most fun I had was with the kids, who were shy at first, and then they began to warm up to us. Pretty soon we were playing all kinds of crazy games and taking pictures of ourselves. These kids are fascinated by being able to see themselves on a digital camera screen. They were having a blast. I gained a great blessing this day by just spending a little time with a bunch of kids who have so little, yet so much.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Patmos-John's Island Prison

My last weekend in Greece I visited the Island of Patmos, the place where John was inspired with the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is a quaint little island very much similar to the Island of Hydra where I visited a few weeks ago. The photos in this post will hopefully give everyone an idea of what Patmos is like, and what I did while I was there. Sadly this will be my final blog post on my six-week adventure in Greece. I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared.

Found this shop with mom's name.

This is the view of Patmos from on top of its highest mountain.

These kinds of bell towers are all over Patmos and Greece.

The monastery had many frescoes like these. They each tell a different story. I had a fun time trying to figure out what each fresco was trying to portray.

This is the main courtyard in the monastery with a beard old priest walking by.

I saw several of these little tin can sized cars.

This is the fortress-like monastery from outside.

Patmos has these three functioning windmills. I didn't get to see them unfurled up close but I did see them working from a distance.

This mosaic of John and his scribe is located near the entrance of the cave where John wrote Revelation.

Tiny door!

Here is the entrance of John's cave.

Inside the cave was just like a Greek Orthodox church. However, on the right-hand side was the rock face and the holes in the rock where chains would have been anchored in.

Typical Greek restaurant seating...outside.

Book store.

The only utensil I had was my jack-knife to eat this watermelon. It made for a good meal.

This is a cruise ship that came into port while I was their. This was not the ferry...unfortunately.

The two sets of white buildings in the middle are religious buildings. The upper one is an Ecclesiastical school, and the lower one is where John's cave is located. The monastery is in the upper left hand corner of the picture.

Sabbath sunset on Patmos.

On the way back to Athens on the long ferry ride.

Back in port on Sunday. I didn't see many thunderheads like this one while I was in Greece.