Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arizona: Papa Leo Visit/ Birding Trip

Good words to meditate on for all the visitors at the Grand Canyon.

Dad is standing, overlooking 'Montezuma's Well'. It's a cool hole in the desert with ancient Native American cliff dwelling's built into the walls. It had lots of ducks in it too. ;)

The Greater Roadrunner....thrilling find!

Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, AZ. Dad and I had to stop and take a picture of one of the many 'DIP' signs.

Phainopepla! New lifer for me at Catalina State Park, North of Tuscon.

I was able to finally meet up with Ashley in Sedona, AZ at the 'Chapel of the Holy Cross'. We had a good couple of hours to hang out and even do a little hiking into Oak Creek Canyon below Midgely Bridge pictured below.

Midgely Bridge, Sedona, AZ

Dad and I did some good hiking and birding at the beautiful Catalina SP just at the base of the majestic 'Santa Catalina Mountains'.

Janet and Grandpa Leo at the amazing 'Organ Stop Pizza' restaurant. This place was quite an experience; besides great veggie pizza they have a live organist who plays a huge organ connected to literally hundreds of instruments all over the restaurant. You really have to see it to get the whole effect...like most things I guess.

The 'Organ Stop Pizza' organ; notice how many keys there are! The best part about it was that the guy who played didn't use any sheet music...he took requests from the audience and played completely by ear. Wow!

The Three Stooges...sorta; maybe the one on the right. Dad and I laughed at grandpa the whole time; he says the funniest things some times. :)