Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydra: Island of Paradise

This last weekend our group headed to Hydra for a few days of R&R. We didn't have to study or exert excessive amounts of brain power for anything. It was a great time simply soaking up the sunshine, snorkeling in the crystal clear water, and jumping off more cliffs. This album of photos is just a glimpse of how beautiful the island of Hydra really is. It was almost like paradise.

Hydra's main port village

They use mainly donkey's, mules, and horses on Hydra...no cars!

Typical sight on Hydra.

Fort protecting the port of Hydra.

City of Hydra from above.

Common sight. There are many churches on Hydra and all of them have bells.

In front of our Hotel was this giant chess set.

View of the harbor from the Fort.

Looking up at the fort guarding the main port of Hydra. This was a vital aspect of this pivotal island during the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire in the 1800's.

"Boy on Dolphin"...you would think they could come up with a better name for this sculpture.

One of many windmills on the island.

View of the Harbor right around sunset. Check out that huge yacht on the left!

Sunset from a hilltop on the island.

Squid anyone? :)

This is inside a Greek Orthodox Church. Lots of...clutter?

This is the ceiling of the main church on the island. This portrait of Jesus is a mosaic, made out of thousands of little pieces of colored clay.

Typical Super Market on Hydra.

Check out this MASSIVE potato! It's bigger than my foot!

They grow grapes in front of their houses. (Ness this is what you need to do on your back porch)

This really must be paradise...they grow Pomegranates in the street.

One of the many outside eateries.

Colorful houses everywhere! White/Brilliant color