Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kibera Slum Outreach Project

On Sabbath the School took several students and we distributed clothes and food to single mothers and children. The children sang for us and we then we passed out food to the mothers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My PE Classes

Three days a week I have 2 periods of PE to teach. Jessica and I team up for one period and we split the large class by gender. On this particular day we played dodgeball for something different. Everyday we begin with stretching and warm-ups. Most days we run, and some days we do yoga. It really all depends on my mood. But so far so good. Only three more weeks until Christmas break!!!

Yoga with the Freshmen and Senior Girls.

It looks like the ball is going up Wanjiru.

Valentine is playing it safe in dodgeball.

Oh boy! Joy has quite the arm.

I guess Valentine changed her mind about playing it safe. She can't let Joy be the only one who plays tough.

Stretching exercises with Gerry and Junior.

Follow the leader boys.

Standing around during dodgeball? Something isn't right guys.

Miss Jessica is keeping an eye out for any fowl play among the boys.

Nairobi Game Park Safari

For my weekend off I joined the Crutcher's for an all day safari in Nairobi Game Park, only 20 minutes away from school. It made for a very relaxing and enjoyable Sabbath day. And I got to see Rhino for the first time. Yay!

'The Beast'

White on black or black on white???

Eland...so elegant.

Red-billed Teal

Vervet Monkey wrestling

Looking for lunch...mmm

What' chou lookin' at?

Even monkey's get that leg-twitching-because-I'm-cleaning-my-ears-good-feeling.

Dung Beetles!!! Very exciting to see.

Hang on Frank!!!

"Let's fight!"

"Let's love"

Black Rhino

I finally got my African sunset picture. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

MAA Guest House

This post is mostly for Mom and Dad. These pictures are of the guest house where you will be staying when you come at Christmas time. 

These are the two guest houses on Maxwell's campus.

Kitchen area with gas stove and small fridge.

Small but nice bathroom.

Two twin beds that can be pushed together if you want.

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Friday, October 29, 2010


The other night I found a Tarantula in the dorm and just about crawled out of my skin. But pretty soon I warmed up to it and maybe even got a little attached.

We began by putting him in a garbage bin; only after we tried squirting it with water. Notice the water droplets on its back.

Before I knew it I was letting it crawl around on my hands.

This is actually quite strange considering I am terrified of spiders. hmm...

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