Saturday, February 26, 2011


It all started with a pile of papers that were being neglected. I decided to finally go through my "I'll deal with these later" pile of papers from the last two months. "Later" arrived, and I can now see my desk again. But I am left with two pages, double-sided, of Sudoku puzzles. Compliments of Union College Student Missions Office. I have spent literally hours this weekend feebly trying to master these non-mathematical number games from Satan. Just this morning I worked on a single puzzle all the way through Sabbath School and Church before giving up and handing it over to Ricky for him to solve. During that entire time I was able to get one number of that "Evil" puzzle. In other words, Sudoku isn't really my thing.


Clifton Kahler said...

Go to the Bismarck Tribune site and go to their Sudoku page under the Life section, puzzles and games. They have an easy one early in the week and then they get harder each day.

Jessica said...

This is hilarious. I think I'm going to scatter seemingly easy puzzles around for you to find and attempt and fail. Just because I like Sudoku.

Ok, not really. But it would serve you right for doing Sudoku in church.